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Top 5 Most Popular MBA Specializations in India

This article will give you information regarding the top five most popular MBA specializations so that you can make a well informed decision. Even though all the specializations of MBA are equally interesting, challenging and advantageous, make sure the specialization you choose is in accordance with your nature, area of interest and capabilities. Once a student decides to do an MBA degree, the biggest challenge that continually taunts the student is to decide between the numerous specializations that are offered today. Each and every specialization that is offered has its own set of perks and advantages. No specialization is better than the other and every specialization is unique in itself

1. MBA in Finance

Every company needs finance to survive in the long run. Efficient management of funds and its mobilization in the right direction is extremely crucial for the long term success and growth of the business. Hence, every company needs a good financial manager who has mastery over financial management. It is because of this that the MBA-Finance specialization is the most popular and the most sought after specialization especially in India. Hence, if you are a logical thinker and if you have a good command over numbers, then this specialization is the most suited for you. All the IIM’s, SPJIMR, NMIMS and Symbiosis Institute of Business Managements are the top business schools you must aim for if you wish to become a successful finance manager. MBA in Finance deals with various aspects of financial management such as costing, management accounting, budgeting, trend projection, capital management etc. In short, the MBA Finance program will enable you to efficiently manage funds of the firm you will be working in. It will give you the required intelligence to mobilize funds towards the most suitable direction. Even in times of recession, there will be continuous demand for financial managers

2.MBA in Human Resource Management

The human resources of a firm (i.e.) the employees are responsible for materialising the goals of the firm. Presence of good employees will skyrocket the success of a company. However, in every firm, a person is needed who can supervise, motivate and manage the employees efficiently. That person is a human resource manager. Hence, MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM) will give you the necessary skills to manage the employees of a firm. Hence after MBA finance, MBA HRM is the next most sought after MBA specialization. Since in India there is an extreme abundance of human resources, human resource managers are in high demand in Indian companies. Hence, doing this MBA specialization will have a major positive impact on your career. This specialization will train you to select and handle the employees of a company and it will give you the required intelligence to select and employ the most efficient employee for a particular job. Hence, if you have good communication skills and if you have the ability to aptly read and judge people, then this course is for you. IIM Ahmedabad and XLRI Jamshedpur is the top rated B-schools that offer this specialization.

3.MBA in Marketing Management

Marketing is that activity which directs the flow of goods and services from the supplier/service provider to the ultimate consumer. Marketing makes a company’s activities known to the general public. Hence, for any company in the world to survive and grow on a long term basis, it needs an efficient group of marketing managers. So considering all this, it is pretty evident that the demand for a marketing manager is paramount. Obviously, one can expect a very rewarding and an exciting career after being chosen as a marketing manager. If you want to become a marketing manager, then MBA-Marketing Management is the course for you. If you have good communication skills and good resource mobilization skills, then you can reach heights after doing this course. For pursuing MBA in Marketing Management, Indian School of Business, IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad and Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of University of Delhi are the top B-Schools you need to aim for.

4. MBA in Information Systems Management:

The IT industry is growing at a rapid rate all over the world. Computers have become an all pervasive necessity in households and firms. In firms mostly all business processes are conducted by computers. So there is a huge demand for Information System Managers (ISM)/IT managers all over the world. IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, Indian Business School Hyderabad and Loyola Institute for Business Administration (LIBA) Chennai are the top institutes offering this course. You must hence tap this opportunity and strive to become an IT manager. To become an IT manager, you must opt for MBA- ISM specialization. If you are a logical thinker and are passionate about computers, then this course is for you. This course will give you the skills required for designing, implementing, using and administering IT solutions in a company.

5.MBA in Operations Management:

Operations management means management of production activities of a firm. An operations manager is expected to maintain smoothness in the production process, maintain harmony among various departments of the firm, to use the raw material efficiently and to efficiently manage the inventories. Hence, an operations manager is an essential asset to any production house. XLRI Jamshedpur, IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management are the best B-Schools offering this course. To become an operations manager, you must opt for MBA-Operations Management. Upon completion, you a lot of opportunities can be tapped, thus making a huge positive shift in your career.

Make sure you do that specialization you are best interested in. All the best!!!