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Kharkiv National Medical University
Admissions Open For Session 2018

Europe's second largest country, Ukraine is a land of wide, fertile agricultural plains, with large pockets of heavy industry in the east. While Ukraine and Russia share common historical origins, the west of the country has closer ties with its European neighbors, particularly Poland, and nationalist sentiment is strongest there. Kiev (Kyiv) is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, as well as the capital and largest city of Ukraine. Ukraine covers about 603,550 square kilometers, which makes it the largest country entirely in Europe and the second largest country in Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine, but Russian and Crimean Tatar are recognized as regional languages. Other minority languages spoken in Ukraine are Romanian, Polish, and Hungarian. Europe after Russia. Like Russia, Ukraine is divided into oblasts, or provinces, and one autonomous republic: Crimea. Ukraine also has two cities with a special status: Kiev and Sevastopol.

Name : Kharkiv National Medical University

Fees : INR 21,84,000

Duration : 6 Years.

Application Deadline : 15th October.

MCI Status : Approved

Information about the college

Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) is one of the oldest and renowned university of Ukraine. Established in the year 1805 and it is one of the best MBBS Universities in Ukraine and boasts to accommodate and provide best in class education to nearly 7000 students every year on their campus.
Kharkiv National Medical University offers the unmatchable quality of education and practical experience. Many passed graduates and doctors from the University are working in government research centers and institutions as scientists and specialists.
In the XIIth International Exhibition of “The Modern Education in Ukraine”, the university has been honoured with the title of “The Leader of National Education”. It is also a member of UNESCO and International Associate of Universities. Moreover, in the year 2011, the university community museum has been awarded the title of “The Perfect Museum” also.
More than 2500 foreign students stay and study on the campus of Kharkiv National Medical University. The majority of foreign students residing in the campus are from Asia, Africa, Mongolia, Eastern Europe, China and Latin America. University has a separate faculty for the training of foreign nationals also which divides the batch into groups of 8 to 10 students; each group is being monitored by one teaching staff. This results in better attention and understanding of the matter. Moreover, education is imparted in the English language also apart of Ukrainian and Russian, this makes easy for international students to understand the concepts and communicate to teachers in a better way.
There are 56 departments under the faculties which provide theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. Several rounds of clinical training are provided to students using latest diagnostics and therapeutically equipment. Various case histories are also discussed apart of practical clinical experience to enhance the real world exposure of students in the medical specialty. There are more than 630 teaching staffs whose are qualified Candidates of Medical Science, Honored Scientists, Doctors of Sciences and Professors, and the member of academics.
University also has a collection of over 1 million researches and journals in its scientific library which is having 11 reading halls. There is also 2 electronic information rooms also as a part of the library.
Students are taken good care off by the University, there are total 6 hostels in the campus of the university. Hostels are equipped with all necessary things for the healthy living like a comfortable bed, table and chair, internet access and geyser. There is also a well-established sports center for physical education and other activities. University calls it by the name “Medic”

International Recognitions:

Kharkiv National Medical University has been accredited by Medical Council of India, hence students passing from Kharkiv National Medical University are eligible for screening test by MCI.
Some of the other major international organizations which approve the MBBS degree by Kharkiv National Medical University are WHO, UNESCO, EUPHA, Medical Board of California, DAAD, USAID, International Hospital Federation and Medical Council of Canada. Apart of mentioned organizations, almost all countries in the world accept the MBBS degree from Kharkiv National Medical University.

Benefits of MBBS from Kharkiv National Medical University

1.Location of Kharkiv National Medical University: Kharkiv National Medical University is located in Avenue Nauki 4, Kharkiv, Ukraine and most developed. Students can enjoy best facilities in the city and get immense opportunities to explore more of Ukraine.
2.Proximity of Ukraine from India: Flight duration from Delhi to Kiev is just 10 hours, hence it is very easy to fly from Indian to Ukraine and vice versa. Parents of the Indian students may visit the college whenever they need to very easily.
3.Quality of MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University: Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the most prestigious National Universities in Ukraine. It provides greatest infrastructure and opportunity to students to enhance their knowledge and vision.
4.Opportunity in Scientific Research: Students of Kharkiv National Medical University National University are given immense opportunity to work with leading scientists of the world in the scientific lab. Students can work in leading research labs in Ukraine and contribute to development of medical field. This opens a new career path for students interested in research and development in medical field.
5.Subsidized education and low tuition fees in Kharkiv National Medical University : Ukraine offers very low tuition fees for MBBS courses to students. Cost of MBBS from Ukraine is very low due to highly subsidized MBBS fees in Ukraine. Being a National University Kharkiv National Medical University has very low tuition fees for MBBS courses.
6.Opportunity to work globally : Students passing MBBS course from BKharkiv National Medical University National Medical University are offered to stay in Ukraine and work there. Indians are offered Permanent Residency of Ukraine if they wish to stay. More over being recognized globally, Indian doctors may work globally in any country and all leading organizations as per their wish. Hence, studying MBBS from Kharkiv National Medical University opens the door at global level.

Our Heighlights

1.No Donation
2.MCI & WHO Regd. College
3.English Medium
4.Degree Valid World Wide
5.MCI Coaching Available in College Campus
6.Indian Foods Available in Campus

Cost Of Studying MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University

The tuition fees for MBBS in BKharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine for each year is INR 2,78,000 which can be paid in two instalments. The total of INR 16, 63,000 is required for an individual to study in Ukraine. The course is of 6 years for which you have to pay INR 2,78,000 for every year. MBBS in Ukraine will overall cost you up to INR 18,00,000. If we compare tuition fees as well as all the expenses of MBBS in Ukraine with MBBS in European countries and Asian countries, Ukraine is reasonable among all the countries over the globe.
Kharkiv National Medical University not only offers all the facilities to its students but also provides a multi-cultural environment in the university that allows local students as well as international students stay and study together without any barriers. Being a peaceful country, foreign students’ security and safety are taken care. Students can also get the benefit of student exchange programs held here. Students who are graduated from Kharkiv National Medical University are currently working as licensed medical professionals in their countries and serving people at their best.

1st Year From 2nd Years to 6th Years Total Course Fee(Tution+Hostel)
INR 4,94,000
INR 3,38,000
INR 21,84,000


Kharkiv National Medical University also provides access to an online library to its students. The library is completely equipped with medical books, textbooks, journals, and references for research students and books on all topics you want related to medicine.