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Best MBA Programs in Singapore

Looking for the best full-time MBA programs in Singapore? Here’s your ultimate guide! Now you can compare the city-state’s best MBA programs head-to-head and get the inside scoop from Admissions Directors, MBA alumni and more from Singapore’s best MBA programs.

5 Reasons to Get Your MBA in Singapore
1. One of the best places in the world to do business – home to 7000+ MNCs, many of whom have chosen Singapore for their Asia Pacific headquarters. Perennially ranked as one of the easiest places in the world to conduct business.
2. A highly developed, modern, cosmopolitan city (40% of the population are foreigners), and long-time conduit between East and West, the island city-state benefits from a multi-cultural society of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians and expatriates. The national language is English, making it a convenient place for foreigners to get situated in Asia.
3. Singapore is a rapidly growing wealth management center, ranking 6th largest in the world by a 2015 ranking from Deloitte.
4. Singapore has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world – and is one of the easier countries for foreigners to gain employment. Non-residents are taxed a flat rate of 15%.
5. The downside of Singapore’s economic growth is that living costs have also risen, and it is now one of the world’s top 5 most expensive cities.

Working in Singapore and Post-MBA Career Opportunities
1. Visa – from NUS: “The duration for students to remain in Singapore to continue their job search is at the discretion of the Singapore Immigration Authority. The duration may range from a few months, up to a maximum of one year.”
2. Taxes – Low income taxes at 15% for non-residents. The highest tax bracket for residents is capped at 20%.
3. School reputations
4. Insead is the highest ranked MBA program in Singapore and has a reputation for being one of the top non-US MBA programs (along with London Business School). Insead was established in 1957.
5 National University of Singapore (NUS) has the biggest brand for a local Singaporean university, ranking 12th internationally by QS (for 2015/16). It is Singapore’s oldest university and is considered one of the best universities in Asia.
6. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was ranked 13th internationally (2015/16) by QS. NTU has a strong reputation for engineering and accounting, and also has an outstanding reputation in China.
7. Singapore Management University (SMU) is a business and management focused university modeled after Wharton that opened in 2000. It’s known for producing competitive graduates with strong soft skills and has strong ties with Singapore’s business community. Unlike Insead, NUS, and NTU, SMU has yet to be ranked by the Financial Times or Economist, but is well-known in Singapore.
8. Geography – Insead places many grads in Europe and Asia Pacific but also in 55+ countries worldwide; Singapore schools (NUS, Nanyang, SMU) have the strongest reputation in Singapore, SouthEast Asia, China and India
9. Industry – while Insead sends over 40% of graduates into consulting industry, the Singapore schools place most grads into financial services, consulting and technology industries
10. Return on Investment – Insead, NUS and Nanyang rank 10, 38, and 39 respectively in Financial Times’ value for money rank

MBA Application Tips for Top Singapore Business Schools
1 Singapore MBA programs are looking for diversity – applicants from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa & Middle East are highly sought
2 As all programs have a Asian focus, demonstrating interest in region is key; experience with Singapore or other Asian countries a plus
3 Demonstrating well-researched and achievable post-MBA career plans is important as Singapore is one of the world’s most open labor markets

Top Full-Time MBA Programs in Singapore
Insead MBA
1 One of world’s most global MBA programs with over 90 nationalities; one of the few MBA programs to place a sizeable percentage of graduates in Western Europe (34%), Asia (28%), North America (12%) and Middle East/Africa (10%)
2 10-month general management MBA program with 2 intakes (Jan, Sep), 3 campuses (France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi) and over 1,000 students/year
3 Sends over 40% of graduates into consulting industry & function; hundreds work for McKinsey, Bain and BCG 4 Consistently ranked top 5 worldwide by Financial Times – was ranked #1 for first time in Financial Times 2016
ranking NUS MBA
1 12 or 17-month options with 100 students/intake
2 Specializations in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Real Estate, Healthcare Management
3 Strong exchange possibilities with 60+ partners and numerous dual degree linkages with top universities in China,
Asia, and France
1 Consistently ranked top 35 worldwide by Financial Times
2 Singapore’s oldest and most well-known university
Nanyang MBA
1 Recently changed to 12-month format with tracks in Banking & Finance, Strategy & Innovation, General Management
2 At 55,000 SGD and with a 1-year program, it’s the most affordable top MBA in Singapore and focused on graduate ROI
More project focused: 1 students required to take less courses (9 core, 4 electives) but must complete 1 leadership module, 1 business study mission and 1 strategy project
2 Strongest reputation in Singapore, China, and India, and for accounting and finance
2 Nanyang Business School was the first business school in Singapore to attain accreditations from EQUIS and AACSB, and has been the top-ranked Singapore MBA program (Economist) since 2004
1 Singapore’s national university focused on business & management; modeled after Wharton, it’s located in the city
center and has established strong relationships with Singapore’s business community
2 12-month general management MBA with 60 Full-time students per year
3 An up & coming university – SMU undergrads are among Singapore’s highest paid, and the university has opened a dazzling amount of business related Masters programs the last few years
4 MBA program started in 2008 and has yet to be ranked by Financial Times or Economist